Terms and Conditions 

This website is operated by AGNIESZKA KATARZYNA OLSZYNA OLECH (79466505X), hereinafter under the brand name Aga FitMama.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and carefully before accessing our website or contracting any of our offers. By accessing, using these services, or contracting any of the programs offered, you accept and agree, in advance, expressly and without conditions, to the terms and conditions specified below, and to the data protection policy of a character personal, as well as any modification thereof that may occur.

The User can access, print, download and save the General Conditions of Use at any time. These Conditions will be permanently accessible on the Website.

If you do not wish to abide by the terms of this agreement, please do not access the service.

Changes in the Terms of Service

Aga FitMama reserves the right, at any time, and without prior notice, to make changes to our website or any of the services offered, prices of products or other digital services, or to modify or interrupt the service (or any part of its content).

Aga FitMama will not be responsible to you, or to any third party, for the modifications, price changes, suspension or interruption of the service that may occur.

Furthermore, Aga FitMama reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to update, modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions.

New features, tools, services, promotions or offers added to current content will also be subject to these terms.

Registration as a client. Contract and subscription terms

The contents of Aga FitMama (training and nutrition programs in online format) will be available only to subscribers of the different services. In order to access the content, it is necessary:

Register in advance, creating a user account on Facebook, for which it is necessary to fill out the contracting form provided on the Website for this purpose, with your personal data; agreeing to: 1) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about you when you complete the registration form, and; 2) Maintain and update the information you provide to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.

Make the expected payment for the service you want to hire.

Once you have registered and made the corresponding payment, you will receive an email confirming the contract made, and instructions on the platform from which the virtual activities will be carried out.

The contract will be understood as perfected only from the moment the subscriber receives said confirmation email. We do not undertake to archive the electronic document in which it is formalized. The subscriber is recommended to store and / or print this email.


All Aga FitMama content and programs are strictly focused on a healthy lifestyle. Said content, including text, graphics, images and information contained / offered through this website or offered programs, are only for general information purposes.

Under no circumstances will Aga FitMama be liable for any damages that may arise from the incorrect use of the information or advice provided, both in relation to training, nutrition, and acquired material.

You understand that, despite the fact that all the services and information provided have been prepared by professionals in the field of personal training or nutrition, the classes are carried out without the eye supervision of each client, so the entire training, nutritional and Use of material, as well as the advice, tips and information you will receive, will be carried out only under the responsibility and risk of the user.

To this end, prior to hiring and carrying out any training or nutrition program, you should consult your doctor, in order to ensure that you are in optimal health conditions to follow the recommended guidelines. Since the services of the classes are taught live online, Aga FitMama is not responsible for a possible low quality of the Internet signal that may interrupt the live transmission. In the event that due to exceptional circumstances the class does not take place, Aga FitMama is responsible for compensating it by adding an extra training throughout the following 2 weeks.

When to contact the doctor

If you experience any discomfort during your training or nutrition program, please stop the activity immediately and consult your doctor.

In either case, you should contact a doctor if you experience any symptoms of weakness, instability, dizziness, chest pain or pressure, nausea, or difficulty breathing.

Muscle pain after exercise can be experienced after the start of a new exercise program. Contact your doctor if pain does not stop after 4-5 days.

Training and Nutrition

Aga FitMama is not responsible for what may happen while exercising or while following prescribed nutrition guidelines. All sales are final, there is no refund once the purchase is made. The workouts and nutrition offered are designed for private use only and will not be published or shared in any way in any medium. By purchasing any training or nutrition program from Aga FitMama, you certify the acceptance and recognition of these terms and therefore exempt AGNIESZKA KATARZYNA OLSZYNA OLECH (79466505X) from any liability.

Duration and termination

Subscription to our online training and nutrition programs will have an initial monthly duration, if you want to continue contracting the services of Aga Fitmama, you have to pay the monthly fee through any payment method offered on the website www.agafitmama .com / online-store / Yes, when the initial due date has come and your payment has not been received to continue using the services of Aga Fitmama, access to the platform, through which the classes are carried out, would be eliminated.

The initial term will begin to be computed from the moment the contract is understood to be perfected, that is, from the moment Aga Fitmama receives the payment and the subscriber receives the confirmation e-mail.

Price and payment methods

Program subscription price: Each online program has a different price. You can check the prices in force at any time on our website: www.agafitmama.com/tienda-online/

Payment methods: the purchase of the subscription will be made through PayPal, credit or debit card, or bank transfer

Returns and refunds

By registering as a customer, you agree to the payment method, as specified in the "Price and Payment Methods" section. No refunds will be made after your payment has been approved. Once this purchase is made, it and all future payments will not be refundable or transferable.

In exceptional cases, and only within the first ten days from the start of the contract, or any of its extensions, if you wanted to cancel the subscription of the current month due to some medical reason that is proven and of sufficient entity - such In effect, you must provide proof issued by a doctor or specialist doctor, - Aga Fit Mama will study the possibility of reaching an agreement with you, in order to postpone the program to an agreed date between the two.

By accepting these terms, you indicate that you have read this refund policy, which you agree to its terms.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the Aga FitMama website, including, without limitation, video, audios (sounds), text, images, scripts, files, graphics, photos, brand image, trademarks, as well as training and nutrition programs , are owned by Aga FitMama, and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

The access and use by the users of the materials that are provided to them, is personal and non-transferable and does not imply by the holders of the intellectual property rights, any waiver, transmission, license or transfer, total or partial on the themselves.

The materials are provided to you for your information and personal use; It is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce, "rip", transmit, display, sell, forward, record, make publicly available, or use, either partially or in its entirety, the material provided, in any way that is not expressly permitted. in these joint terms and conditions.

Aga Fit Mama reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend user access to the platform, at any time, in the event of unauthorized use of the service itself, either for contravening the provisions of these particular conditions or for other Causes. In such cases, no obligation or responsibility will fall on Aga Fit Mama, and no amount that the user previously paid will be refunded.

Aga FitMama makes different forms and means of participation available to all users of the web portal to encourage conversation and the exchange of information.

Users agree to use these services in compliance with the rules of coexistence and in mutual respect. Likewise, its performance may not be contrary to these Terms and Conditions, nor to the applicable laws or regulations. Otherwise, the user will be responsible for all their activity related to the service.

In particular, the user agrees:

Not to use disrespectful or offensive language. In no case will messages with insults, threats, or any other comment that may hurt the sensitivity of other users be accepted.

Do not impersonate another person, natural or legal.

Do not interfere in the functions related to the security of the service, which prevent the use or copying of any content.

Do not use this website as a means to organize attacks or spam on any other type of services.

Aga FitMama reserves the right to edit, remove or delete any content that contravenes the provisions above, and may also delete accounts that carry out this type of action.

All the content generated by the users is understood to be transferred by them to Aga FitMama, without any type of temporal or territorial limitation, being able, from that moment, to use or distribute it according to their interest. The user waives any type of consideration that may arise from said assignment.

Applicable law and conflict resolution.

The applicable Law, in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of these terms and conditions, as well as any question related to the services of this platform, will be Spanish Law.

In any case, any controversy that may arise in the interpretation of these terms and conditions, or in the provision of the different services offered by AgaFit Mama, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts.