About me

I am Aga, a normal and ordinary woman like you. Physical activity has been an integral part of my day-to-day since I turned 6 years old. Sports, and my great interest in nutrition led me to discover how to live a healthy life and maintain a good body without having to obsess too much.

I want to teach you that getting it and then maintaining it does not have to be an obligation based on strict diets or hard workouts in the gym, but this will be a new lifestyle that you will get hooked on and once you get it you will never want to leave it .

In my training programs, I decided to offer a special focus to expectant mothers and mothers, because they deserve to have their place fixed in all the facilities of the fitness world. Feeling united with others and not having to abandon or change their active lifestyle. Although things are progressing, there is still a lot to do.

I want every woman to feel beautiful with her body, without having to be a size 36. I want every pregnant woman to love and accept the changes in her body during this wonderful stage. Physical activity is crucial for her and her baby's health. Postpartum recovery does not have to be hard, physically or psychologically.

With my 42 years I feel better than ever!

What are you waiting for? Join my team now!

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