The Fit Mama project was born in 2011 when I was pregnant for the first time. So, I was going to a gym (a major national chain that I won't name). I advised the coaches of the collective classes of my pregnancy, so that they would take my pregnancy into account, and they directly advised me .... stop coming! They did not know how to train a pregnant woman. I have always been an athletic girl and did not want to stop training. On the contrary, I wanted to stay in shape and continue taking care of my body. I started reading a lot to understand the physiology of a pregnant woman. I wanted to know what I could and should not do. In the end I ended up studying and training first to be a fitness coach.

Unfortunately, the first pregnancy was ectopic and had to be terminated. But, I was already well prepared for the next two. I am the mother of two children. In December 2014 my first son Thiago was born. His delivery lasted only 3 hours, despite being a first-time mother. In fact I gave birth to him by doing squats that ended with huge soreness over next few days. Sophia was born in an express delivery (15 minutes) 15 months later. I am a living example that training before and during pregnancy is very beneficial. Thanks to the fact that my body was well trained, my body regenerated quickly after the first pregnancy, and 6 months later, to live it again!

Since then, my mission is to take care of a woman's well-being during and after her pregnancy. I also prepare women who want to get pregnant and train those who do not have it in their plans.

I dedicate myself to putting all women in shape! You will see the changes in your body within a matter of weeks! Soon you will notice you have more energy and vitality and the discomfort in different points of your body will disappear little by little! 

So don't wait any longer and ask for your free class now!