Personal Training

Fot. Alex Nowicka Photography
Fot. Alex Nowicka Photography

My adventure with fitness as a profession started in 2012, training exclusively individual clients. The magnificent results of my work achieved thanks to the dedication of my clients who closely followed my guidelines, soon made my phone start ringing more and more often. There came a time when I had to rethink the way of working. And so I started training in small groups as well. Throughout these years together we have formed a beautiful community of women who are pasionate of training. Among them are girls who came saying how much they hated to exercise or others who had never practiced any sports in their lives. As of today these girls have become  strong women physically and psychologically with high self-esteem and hooked on to sorness!

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In order to compose a Personalized Training it is necessary to do a detailed personal interview, during which I will ask you numerous questions about your health, your habits and your lifestyle. Analyzing all the information provided by you I prepare your training plan based on a minimum of 3 sessions a week (it is an absolute minimum to be able to achieve the results)

I offer you 3 ways of Personal Training sessions:

1. Live Online - we connect at the agreed time through a platform / application where we can see each other.

2. Online on deferred basis - if you prefer to train this way I prepare your workouts with all the instructions how to do each exercise. Precisely explaining the technique and showing each movement.

3. Face-to-face in my gym or at your place (if you live within a 10km radius)

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