Michal Wrzosek Clinical Nutritionist
Michal Wrzosek Clinical Nutritionist

I present to you Michal Wrzosek, a clinical nutritionist graduated from the Warsaw University of Medicine and currently a PhD student at SGGW.

Thanks to his studies at the Academy of Medicine, the numerous practices in hospitals and outpatient clinics specialized in metabolic diseases, he has gained knowledge and experience, which allows him to work with patients who struggle with different health problems, such as:

Thyroid diseases (eg Hashimoto, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism),

Impaired carbohydrate metabolism (eg, type I and II diabetes, insulin resistance),

Hormonal disorders (eg PCOS, irregular rules)

Intestinal problems (eg, SIBO, IBS, UC) and anemia.

Michal composed a nutritional plan for me. Thanks to him I have obtained a body that I have never had. I am one of the 1,100 people who have passed "through his hands". Many of my girls have transformed their bodies thanks to his nutritional plans. Rich meals, varied recipes and easy to prepare.

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