Me at 4 months after following the nutrition plan
Me at 4 months after following the nutrition plan

A nutrition plan well adapted to you and your lifestyle is crucial to achieve a good body. I tell you from my own experience. I have being doing sports almost all my life with 18 years in fitness. I have tried various diets and training systems, but at the same time I did not see how it failed. I was convinced that my diet was healthy and appropriate to my lifestyle. However, I never got my dream body. After getting pregnant, losing belly fat was unattainable for me. I came to the conclusion that this was my body and that no matter how much I did, I couldn't change it. I was never interested in trying strict diets, so often used in the fitness world, to achieve your idyllic physique, at the cost of changes in hormonal metabolism (loss of menstrual cycle), and changes in mood.

Until one day, I crossed paths with my nutritionist. To this day I can not be happier. At 42 years old, my body after two pregnancies has been able to make an incredible transformation. What seemed impossible for years was so easy in 1 year! I have to say that I don't 100% follow his nutrition plan. At this point (my age) I like to enjoy life: my glass of wine, pizza, ice cream (without going overboard!). Even so, I continue to achieve fantastic results. But most important of all, I never feel tired anymore, nor do I suffer from headaches or intestinal discomfort and ..... I DO NOT go hungry!

Many girls on my team have transformed their bodies with him. I can recommend him with full confidence to you!

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