These classes are aimed at women. Workouts always have modifications suitable for all levels. It doesn't matter if you've never exercised before. It is always a good time to start. 

Place: train from your home, gym, outdoors or any other place where you have an Internet connection and a device with a Facebook account.

Duration:  of each session: 50 - 60 minutes 

Equipment : All training sessions are designed for people who do not have the training tools. Working with just your body weight works great. There are numerous objects in your house that you can use as fitness equipment!

However, if you want to go to a more advanced level you may use: 

* elastic resistance bands (soft, medium & hard)

* 1 pair of dumbbells between 1-2kg

* 1 pair of dumbbells between 3-4kg

* kettlebell between 5-8kg (or more depends on your skills)

* 1 set of barbell with various discs (with loose discs you can substitute the dumbbells)

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If you are pregnant and in the period before your pregnancy you did sports and * if your doctor has given you the green light to exercise , then there is no problem for you to sign up for this type of class.

You can train alongside girls who are not pregnant. All my training programs have the necessary modifications to train safely for the mommy and her baby. During the class I explain precisely how you should do the exercise.

Stay in shape during this wonderful stage and be strong for the arrival of your baby!

Attention: this class is NOT suitable for women in the 1st stage of their postpartum period, which must be treated very carefully and under the supervision of a specialist. If you want to start your postpartum recovery process, sign up for the Pre & Postpartum class aimed exclusively at pregnant women & moms who have recently given birth.