Live Online Pre & Post Partum Classes

Directed by the Specialized Fitness Trainer Pre & Post Partum

Duration: approx 45min 
Mode: bilingual (esp & eng) 
Place: your home, gym, outdoors 
Necessary to have internet connection and a device with a Facebook account 
Equipment: Swiss ball, dumbbells between 1-2kg (you can replace it with 2 bottles of water)

The objective of these classes is to prepare your body for childbirth and for the postpartum period. Remember that childbirth is an athletic act. If you want it to be easier and faster, you need to strengthen the parts of your body that play the main role there.

During my classes we work mainly on strengthening the pelvic floor, the transverse abdomen, the legs and the arms. I teach you how to use each of these parts of your body when the time comes to give birth to your baby and then in the postpartum period. It's when you really understand how important it was to train. 

Fot. Aleksandra Olejnik
Fot. Aleksandra Olejnik

The postpartum period is a very delicate phase physically and psychologically. It is VERY important that you resume exercise gradually and under the supervision of a specialized person, be it a trainer or a physical therapy. DO NOT ATTEMPT UNDER ANY CONCEPT to suddenly return to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine even if you think you are fine. It takes up to 18 months postpartum for the body to recover. Skipping steps can cause internal injury to the pelvic floor or abdomen.

Fot. Alex Nowicka Photography
Fot. Alex Nowicka Photography

Exercising during pregnancy only brings benefits to you and your baby. As long as it is executed correctly.

  • Decreases the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Decreases the risk of preterm labor
  • Decreases diastasis recti abdominis (abdominal separation)
  • You will sleep better
  • Decreases the typical discomfort for pregnancy
  • Strengthening the legs helps to cope with daily activities during the first weeks after delivery, especially if the birth was by cesarean section.
  • The recovery, both physical and psychological, of a trained woman is much faster and more bearable
  • Improves metabolism, prevents constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Provides energy
  • Activates the production of endorphins (the hormone of happiness)
  • Baby is born healthier!